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2013-06-05 20.47.00

So I almost gave up on knife making but after selling all 5 of my friction folders at Blade Show in less then an hour and with my recent layoff  I said what the hell. Plus I got a package in Monday from NJ Water Jet. I decided to only get the pivot water jetted as that leaves me a lot of room to play around with blade shapes, but for the moment I'm sticking to my modified tanto/sheep's foot/warn cliff design. As suspected water jetting allowed me to shrink down the pivot area reducing the overall size but keeping the same blade/cutting edge length of [newer water jetted blade on the right]. The steel has been water jetted, flat ground, and heat treated so all I have to do is cut a piece off, profile, then grind.

Also I need some feedback I'm thinking of going to a less expensive blade steel I was thinking either AEB-L or 154-CM. I need more quantity, apparently there's a market for custom friction folder.

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