Turn Off Windows Hibernation The Easy Way

OK I’m gone keep this short and to the point 

  • Hit the windows key and type cmd into the search box
  • Right click on cmd and run as Administrator
  • Enter this command: powercfg -h off
  • If you want to activate it again: powercfg -h on


Or you can do in the Microsoft way and open the Power Options

  • Hit the windows key and type power options into the search box
  • Click On “Power options”
  • Then click on “Change When My Computer Sleeps”
  • 3
  • "Then Click On “Change Advance Power Settings”
  • 4
  • And you should end up with
  • 6
  • Now you just need to click the plus next to the option and set to never
  • To be Honest its easer to just open the Command Prompt.

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